How you can use Artificial Intelligence to save your money

Shivam Agarwal
2 min readNov 15, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence is very powerful tool that can help you to save your money. Although these things are under development but can be extremely helpful to save your money in future.

  1. Flight Ticket:- Airline takes every data points to sell you the ticket at the highest cost. Their price of ticker varies based on the demand. They use Data Science/AI to analyze the data. However, you can also take advantage of AI to make a decision if you should buy or wait for the flight ticket
  2. Hotel Reservation:- The room price of the hotel also varies based on the demand. However, AI can help to decide if you should make a reservation or not. AI can help help you decide if you should visit the booking website though incognito mode.
  3. Professional Resume:- Now you do not need to go to some professional resume builder. You can take the help of various AI platform. The AI will take the job description from you and build a professional for you that can help you find the Job.
  4. Fuel Cost:- To reach to your destination there can be multiple ways but AI can help you to find the best way that will save your fuel as well as your time. It will show you the toll as well as time taken from destination A to B
  5. Electricity Cost:- Based on your consumption patter the AI can help you the schedule the on-off time for your appliance. It can also automate the entire process so that you can save some extra bucks
  6. Food Spoilage:- Some smart refrigerator are taking the technology at next level by using AI that can help to determine the shelf life of food. It can provide you the suggestion about recipe in a way to optimize the shelf life.
  7. Optimum Return on Investment:- The AI can analyze your spending patterns and money you have invested. Once the analysis is completed it can provide suggestion of your investment re allocation to maximize the return on investment.
  8. Selection of Property:- Everyone knows property selection is a tedious task. You have think about multiple variable while sorting the property. Sometime you have to pay brokerage to find the suitable property for your. However, AI can help you to find the best property. It can also help you determine optimal price for the property.



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